New and Improved cineSync and Shotgun Integration

Dec 20, 2013



We've been friends and collaborators with the team behind cineSync for years, and lately we've been working together on ways to improve how Shotgun and cineSync help you review work and collaborate easier and faster.

We've invited Rory McGregor, CEO of Cospective, to guest-post here about the cool enhancements in their latest update:

We're excited to announce today the release of our new and improved integration with Shotgun.

With cineSync 3.4 we have a new Shotgun integration package available free for all cineSync Pro users. The new integration takes advantage of Shotgun's new layout, to create notes and annotations quickly and simply.

Any Version or Playlist in Shotgun can be opened in cineSync. If the files are available for download, cineSync users can initiate the download process from within cineSync. Once the review session is complete, all the notes and drawings created in cineSync can be exported back to Shotgun by simply by selecting the "Export Notes to Shotgun" script from cineSync's Session menu.

In the new integration, the drawings will be listed in the notes section in Shotgun as thumbnails rather than full size frames. The frames can still be accessed by clicking on the thumbnails.

Launch a cineSync session from any Shotgun playlist

Annotate on images and take notes in cineSync.

Publish the notes and annotations right back into Shotgun.  If you're taking notes in Shotgun but annotating in cineSync, you can just publish the annotations, which will automatigcally be linked to the notes!

Head over to cineSync's website to download the new integration package.

We're looking forward to announcing further Shotgun integration features early next year, so stay tuned!