More Than Magic

Sep 10, 2020



Courtesy Axis StudiosThe folks at UK-based Axis Studios are no strangers to tight deadlines, having worked on three previous trailers for the company behind Magic, Wizards of the Coast, but this project would be different. The usual 14-week turnaround—always tight, under the best of circumstances—came with a special twist courtesy of 2020. The COVID-19 lockdown hit 10 weeks into the project, requiring some intense adjustments in the late stages of development.

Head of Rigging and CFX, Will Pryor described the scenario: “It was about four weeks until the end of the project and we were delivering our last animations. Major hats off to our IT department, since they pretty much had the entire team up and running within a day of our having to vacate the offices.” But wait, there was another hero on the scene at Axis. Enter Shotgun, which helped them coordinate remote workflow efforts and integrate their pipelines, creating a virtual workspace to help make up for their lack of a physical one. Read more about how it all came together.