More Goodness in Shotgun 5.3

Apr 16, 2014



While the new Client Review Site has taken the spotlight, Shotgun 5.3, released April 12, includes other new features that ease friction in your day-to-day, including:

Screening Room Web Player Enhancements – An updated frame/time remaining counter and audio mute button, and re-orientation of action menus to the timeline provide more fluid usability, while progressive media loading and enhanced buffering deliver faster playback in the browser. We’ve also added a mute toggle, which comes in handy for those using Screening Room with Skype.

Big Buck Bunny - footage courtesy of (CC) Blender Foundation,

Playlist Locking – Prevent unexpected changes to your playlist, whether you’re using the Client Review Site or just working with large teams.

Contextual Labels for Notes – Notes displaying in Activity Streams now have context badges that identify what they’re part of and where the note came from.

See the Release Notes for a complete list of features and fixes and as always, let us know what else you’d like to see.