Meet the Team: Siyuan Tu

Jun 13, 2018




Siyuan gives us the scoop on her day-to-day as part of Shotgun's user experience team!


When did you join the Shotgun team? What is your role?

I joined the Shotgun team in December 2016. I’m a user experience designer on Shotgun's growing design team working on production efficiency - helping producers, coordinators, and managers get the most out of our platform.


How did you come to join the Shotgun team? Where were you working prior? 

Before joining Shotgun, I worked at an analytics company designing business intelligence apps and workflows for their clients. The platform was highly customizable and I got a lot of exposure to different industries (including film and media). When I went back to school for a Masters in HCI, I explored the role of AI in simplifying feature-rich creative software - making tools easier to use and more assistive. So naturally, Autodesk came up often!


How has your background helped you on the Shotgun team?  

I’m one of the few people on the Shotgun team who hasn’t previously worked in a studio. I think my outside perspective has helped me bring new experiences and inspiration from analogous domains when designing for Shotgun. At the same time, I’ve been fascinated by all the industry war stories that everyone has.


Can you discuss what you're currently working on?

I’m currently working on long-term initiatives to make Shotgun’s scheduling, tracking, and reporting tools easier to use for the production team. I’m constantly asking myself, “How can Shotgun be a better partner in studios so that our clients can focus on the things that matter?”


Can you describe a typical day for you?

Like many studios, the Shotgun team works across a lot of time zones. I often spend my mornings in meetings to exchange ideas with designers or collaborate with various teams. We use a lot of remote-friendly tools to review feedback. I use the rest of my day to make those ideas more tangible with sketches, low-fidelity mockups, and prototypes. It’s surprising how much more time is spent on diagramming workflows and uncovering patterns than in design programs, in service of solving the right problems.


Have you heard of any creative/different ways Shotgun is being used? 

I've really enjoyed watching some new tools come together for artists. The product team thought a lot about the intention of the app and kept it super focused. Every time I visit a studio or interview a client, I learn about a different setup or extension that the studio has built. I’m always impressed by the depth of knowledge that our client base has accumulated. 


Any fun facts you’d like to share about yourself? 

I’m not a California native, but I’ve slowly gotten into climbing and the outdoors—so I might as well be. I’m currently working on a van conversion for future travel and climbing adventures, so I’ll need to work on my modeling software skills!




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