Meet the Team: Sabrina Ricci

May 21, 2018




This week, we had the chance to talk to Sabrina Ricci on the Shotgun content team!


What is your role on the Shotgun team?

My role on the team entails working on all learning content. This includes think tooltips, tutorials and really anything that helps our clients figure out how best to use Shotgun for their needs.


Can you share a personal Shotgun tip or trick?

I’m trying to learn Chinese and as of Shotgun 7.7, we now support multiple languages, including Chinese! Sometimes when I’m feeling confident, I’ll change my personal Shotgun site to Chinese and test my reading skills.


(Pro tip: You can change the language of your Shotgun site at an individual level.)


What is your favorite Shotgun feature? 

Shotgun is so flexible and configurable, it’s hard to choose. I really like all of the shortcuts within Shotgun, especially the ability to edit data in bulk. Ever need to sort by type? Use the bulk edit feature to easily assign types or add tags and other fields, then you’re good to go!


Have you heard of any creative/different ways Shotgun is being used?

One of my favorite ways I’ve heard of Shotgun being used is for museums. Some studios have used the review tools for new exhibits and shows.


Any fun facts you’d like to share about yourself?

Outside of work, my husband and I produce a weekly dinosaur podcast called I Know Dino. We have over 180 episodes now; and we might need to start using Shotgun to organize…


(As a side note, I’m always excited when I hear about studios using Shotgun for dinosaur-related projects.)



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