Meet the Team: Review & Approval

Aug 22, 2014



Not quite two months ago we joined with Autodesk – a move that tripled the size of our engineering team. As Don noted at that time, our goal was (and is!) to move faster; to bring you new tools faster. We’re able to do now because we can focus on all of the major areas of functionality at once without having to split our efforts. We have full teams on Production Management, Review & Approval, Pipeline/Asset Management and the Platform itself.

Those teams have come together – and delivered – in the past weeks, and we want to introduce everyone so you know who’s behind the scenes working on your stuff. In the next few weeks we’ll post the roster for each team and tell you what we’re focusing on. I’m happy to kick things off by introducing the Review & Approval team.

For those that I haven’t met yet, I’m Johnny Duguid - the Product Manager for the Review & Approval team. My charge is to drive our roadmap based on feedback from our clients or those interested in using Shotgun. If you’re looking to talk review, I’m your guy. I also work closely with the team to help prep, turnover, and drive development.

Over the next few months, the Review & Approval team will be focusing on three main areas - improving the browser review experience, building upon Shotgun Review for iPhone, and revisiting our Screening Room for RV setup - with the goal of turbo-charging your review collaboration.

But who are those mysterious heroes that will help us deliver? Let’s meet them...

                         Alexandre Jean Claude - Montreal, Québec
A favorite among the team for his penchant for providing chocolate and cookies for long meetings, Alex keeps the team focused, on track, and on schedule as the team’s Development Manager. Despite his manager title, Alex isn’t afraid to jump in and get his hands dirty when it comes to coding. In fact, Alex has already shipped a bug fix related to the Client Review Site.

Beau Roberts - London, England
Beau serves as one of Shotgun's UX/UI Designers. Armed with a quick wit, Beau has been responsible for helping modernize Shotgun’s UI with the Media App and Client Review Site. Beau was also in charge of design for our award winning Shotgun Review for iPhone app. On top of all that, Beau know’s the London food scene like the back of his hand and is always willing to help out of towners experience the best the city has to offer.

Dan Allum - London, England
Dan provides QA testing for every Review-related piece of code we release - helping ensure that each release is as stable and bug-free as possible. Dan has been with the Shotgun team for about two years now and - in that time - has helped shepherd countless releases out the door and into your hands.

                         Daniel Beaudry - Montreal, Québec
A man of subtlety, Daniel brings a tremendous amount of experience to the team through his storied past. Daniel has picked up the Shotgun Review for iPhone torch - helping patch two critical issues prior to the big launch and spreading the knowledge to the rest of the team. Prior to jumping into iOS, Daniel knocked out two bugs related to the Media App.

Eric Cabot - Montreal, Québec
Like Daniel, Eric brings a ton of software experience to the team. His robust history in development makes him a great resource for breaking down large projects into manageable pieces. Since joining the team, Eric has shipped two bug fixes and one highlighly requested feature (the ability to copy text from within the Screening Room for RV Info Pane). Eric’s also has a unique ability - and pleasure - to keep the family happy and chaos free at home.

                        Luc Bolduc - Lac-Beauport, Québec
Luc’s list of accomplishments is overwhelming and it’s easy to see why. Always one to bring new ideas to the table, Luc has already shipped four bug/feature updates. Luc also has the honor of tackling the first Screening Room for RV bug on the team - resolving an issue related to keyboard shortcuts. In his free time, you’ll find Luc out and about flying his chair.

                        Sylvain Lavoie - Chambly, Québec

Rounding out the QA team, Sylvain’s background as a compositor and art director gives him an advantage when it comes to testing out our latest offerings. Since he’s familiar with the work you’re trying to do, he’s able to obsessively focus on the workflows important to you to ensure the best, most stable performance. Sylvain’s claim to fame is an uncanny ability to blow (play?) his nose like Louis Armstrong on his trumpet - an incredibly helpful skill in those long planning meetings.

Xin Liu - Toronto, Ontario
Sporting a stellar taste in film (Shawshank Redemption and Die Hard!), Xin has no problem diving head first into a challenge. Out of the gate, Xin tackled one of our first new features - better handling of Versions without playable media in the Media App. Not to be outdone, she then jumped over to Shotgun Review for iPhone where she has already knocked out multiple small features and bugs.

Finally, a shoutout to one more member of the team who is no longer with us, but deserves some recognition for a job well done. Laurens Coderre was with the Review & Approval team until last week when his internship ended. In his time with the team, he released three fixes - including a super quick turnaround on an issue that popped up in last week’s patch. We’ll miss having you around, Laurens - be sure to stay in touch!

And there you have it - the brand new, fully charged Shotgun Review & Approval team. Everyone’s eager to deliver on our promises and blow your minds. We hope you’re excited by what we have planned and if you’d like to share your ideas when it comes to review in Shotgun, drop us a line at We’re listening!