Meet the Shotgun Team: Guillaume Brossard

Sep 28, 2017



Guillaume Brossard, Principal Developer / Scrum Master / Product Owner and overall busy guy gives us a look at what his day-to-day is like on the Shotgun team.

How long have you been with the Shotgun team?
I joined Shotgun right after their acquisition by Autodesk. I previously worked on an Asset Content Management project at Autodesk in Montreal that had a lot of similarities to Shotgun.

My background is in graphic application and games development. I started at Autodesk through an acquisition too. I was then working for an AI Middleware company named Grip, where I was developing Artificial Intelligence middleware for crowd simulation and character behavior.

So what have you brought to Shotgun so far?
My team and I completely renewed all the servers in the Shotgun infrastructure, rebuilding the deployment code and making the solution more resilient and secure in the process.

As a product owner, I plan future initiatives for my team and review initiatives in progress to make sure they meet our requirements.

As a scrum master, I manage the Core Product backlog and track progress.

As a developer, I contribute to the development of different features and to the execution of recurring operation tasks.

Outside of work, I dedicate most of my time to my two daughters and their activities. In my free time, I enjoy jogging, golfing and playing tennis.

What's something you wish people knew they could do in Shotgun?

We recently released media storage and cloud transcoding in different regions to allow for better performance when outside of the US. Clients can now choose to store their media in Oregon, Ireland or Tokyo. This can be changed by a Shotgun administrator in the site preferences.

What's your favorite Shotgun feature?
Transcoding! Shotgun transcoding is very flexible and allows for a very quick time to transcode time. Our transcoding service auto-scales with demand, allowing media to start transcoding as soon as an upload is complete.