Meet James, our new Head of Product

Nov 3, 2016



After a year-long search, I am very excited to announce James Pycock has joined our team as Head of Product. He will lead our product and design teams on our mission to build you the next gen Shotgun you’ll need to tackle another decade of production projects.

James is just our kind of big-meets-small, powerful-meets-fast. He has decades of experience working on products we all use every day, such as Amazon’s Alexa (before Amazon) and Skype. He’s worked in massive companies like Microsoft, leveraging the scale and strength to reach a global audience at scale, but he also has a scrappy get-it-done mentality he’s cultivated in more than ten years at start-ups. He’s worked on products for businesses and products for consumers, and is widely published on the topic of making the customer the center of technology design. He has nine related industry patents, and has a PhD in designing collaboration technologies. So he’s really Dr. Pycock, but he insists we all just call him James.

"For me, the future of productivity for creative teams is going to be all about collaboration,” said James. “Shotgun has worked so closely with customers to innovate and build what creative professionals really need. And, as the industry continues to evolve, we have new opportunities to even further reduce coordination overhead and pipeline process friction. I fell in love with the vision and jumped at the chance to join the team and help take the product to the next level."

I am really excited about the next Shotgun era and know we are in good hands with James. Please help me welcome him to the Shotgun team!

P.S. Thanks to Caroline and her team at Forward who helped us on this epic, global talent search. You all rock.