Introducing the Shotgun Pipeline Team

Jun 11, 2015



The idea for Shotgun started more than ten years ago by a group of us working on a pipeline for an animated feature project. We saw how transformative a great pipeline could be for a studio, both creatively and operationally, and began to wonder if we could help provide that power to everyone.

Small studios should be able to do amazing things without having to build custom software and larger studios should be able to focus on developing new functionality on top of the pipeline versus the pipeline itself.

The industry has changed quite a bit in the last ten years, and we believe, now more than ever, that some very exciting innovations in the coming years will be related to pipeline. In an effort to up our game, we’re creating a new “Pipeline Team” here at Shotgun with these three goals:

1. Partner with studios

Many of our clients, big and small, are asking us to partner with them to tackle new challenges in their business. Starting a VR unit? Opening a second location? Looking to fine tune the review pipeline? Ramp up a development team? Or maybe just do a quick health check and brainstorm about the future? Our goal is to be a trusted partner to our clients, and to build out the tools and expertise to address your needs more efficiently than adding resources to do it yourself.

2. Contribute to the community

We are proud to be a part of the Shotgun community and plan to give back. This team will actively post observations about patterns or best practices as well as publishing tools built along the way for the rest of the community to use.

3. Strengthen our product development teams

Our software teams get loads of feedback from our clients every day, but we want to take that connection one step further by closely linking this pipeline team working out in the “field” with the teams here at Shotgun. We can drive innovation in our product better when working on real-world scenarios with a partner.

Join us!

We’re looking to hire an A-list pipeline team with years of experience in the industry. If you love working in production, love building tools for artists, and love helping the industry move forward on pipeline issues, then we’d love to talk. We’re hiring four engineers to start who will join Isaac Reuben, our founding CTO, along with Tommy Kiser, one of our original Street Teamers, and Kate Lowell, who you haven’t met yet but is awesome (my good friend Darin Grant is also helping us get started). This is happening now, so if you’re interested in joining the team, you can read more and apply on our jobs page.

If you have a project you think is a good fit for our pipeline team, drop our team a line to discuss.

We’re excited about what will be coming out of this team and will share those innovations back with you in future posts and in the product itself.