Introducing the Isolation Feature Set

Sep 14, 2020



We’re excited to announce a new set of features, now available to Shotgun Super Awesome customers. Using these features can help creative studios to operate from the cloud and confidently meet the stringent security, privacy, and performance requirements of their suppliers. Here’s what possible when using these features:

Full Control. 
Shotgun’s Media Isolation feature allows studios to use their own customer-owned and managed AWS S3 buckets to store the content uploaded to Shotgun in any AWS region across the globe. Your studio’s attachments, thumbnails, source media, and transcoded media can be stored in your own S3 bucket to retain complete ownership and control of your internet protocol.

Expanded Media Replication. 
With the Isolated Media Replication feature, studios can now replicate your media across two AWS Regions, greatly improving performance for studios sharing one Shotgun site across different locations. The media storage location can also be configured based on your specific AWS S3 regions. Please note: Media Isolation is a prerequisite for Media Replication.

Web and Media Traffic Control. 
Our Isolated Web Traffic feature confines all traffic to AWS and your studio’s network and offers an additional layer of seclusion for customers who prefer to keep their Shotgun communication off the web. When used in conjunction with the Internet Protocol (IP) Allow List feature, you can also make your Shotgun site inaccessible from anywhere outside the physical studio.

IP Management. 
And by activating our existing IP Allow List feature, it is now easier for studios to get approval from suppliers to use Shotgun in the cloud when working on sensitive projects with stringent security requirements. Customers using our Shotgun cloud offering have successfully met the Trusted Partner Network (TPN) security benchmark assessment. 

For more information about these game-changing new features, go to the Shotgun Developers website.