Introducing Shotgun Street Smarts

Jul 7, 2016



Last year, we brought you Two Guys and a Toolkit which was a popular series with a lot of our pipeline friends out there. That really inspired us to put something together for our production-minded audience. So, the Street Team came together to bring you our latest series: Shotgun Street Smarts.

Any of you who have written into have come across a member of the Street Team. We’re industry veterans, having worked in VFX, Games, TV, and Commercials as coordinators, production managers, producers, and pipeline engineers.

In this series, we’re going to take you through where to begin if you’re new to Shotgun and how to build your first Shotgun project from the ground up. We’ll also give you ideas on streamlining your current Shotgun workflow, show you how to use new features to make your workflows even more awesome, and talk to Clients who have gone through some of these steps to share their experiences.

Look out for new posts in the Series coming every two weeks! And if you are currently a client and want to let us know what Shotgun awesomeness you’ve set up at your studio, shoot us a message at

You can access the series of posts here:

1. Shotgun Street Smarts: Getting Started
2. Street Team Summit and Siggraph
3. Shotgun Street Smarts: Our Favorite Features
4. Shotgun Street Smarts: Scheduling Tips and Tricks

About Tram:
Tram joined the Street Team last March and makes sure that we are looking after our amazing clients in the beautiful Los Angeles area. She comes to us with VFX experience across multiple departments, from Senior Producer to Systems, with a dash of hands on pipeline experience for good measure. From Features to Commercials, from Mom-n-Pop shops to some of the old Big 5’s, she knows firsthand what it’s like to deliver projects with a scrappy team or a fully-staffed studio. Despite having worked in entertainment, she can not recite a single line from any movie, commercial, or even P90X (after 8 months of the same 12 videos over and over...) so don't even ask!