Introducing: Shotgun Loader 2.0

May 1, 2014



Nothing helps productions go faster than a good loader to give artists full access to published files from everyone else on the team. Unless it’s one that also works across all of your creative applications, is visual and easy to use, and is totally configurable and pipeline friendly. And… one that you didn’t have to spend time building (and re-building for every new app, or re-configuring for every new show’s workflow).

We’re pleased to bring you Shotgun Loader 2.0 – the first of many productized pipeline applications we’re developing based on your best practices and usage scenarios. This native browser uses information in Shotgun to add files into your current scene from the file system or Perforce, presenting you with thumbnails that you can quickly review and select directly within Maya, Nuke, Photoshop, 3DS Max and other creative tools.

Artists and Leads: Browse, view, and upload – quickly and contextually

The Loader is context aware and starts in your current Task. From there you can browse publishes stored in Shotgun (files or image sequences) for your Task or other related entities like Shots or Assets. Select the items you want. Thumbnails for all of the publishes are stacked by name and type, showing the latest version number on top. You can get more info on a publish and check the version history, and/or jump into Shotgun’s overlay player to review media linked to the publish and leave notes for the artist. Then just double click to add publishes to your scene.

Quickly and visually browse all the files in your project, whether they are saved on your file system or managed with Perforce.
Quickly load the latest into your scene, or browse related information or previous versions.

Pipeline Engineers: The choices are yours.

Since there’s more than one way to add items to scenes, we’ve included an Actions option within the publish menu, and within shot or asset folder objects, options to show items in Shotgun or in the file system. And we’ve made the Loader highly configurable, with lots of flexibility in what you want to display in the tree view and how to control Actions. It can be set to display the right Shotgun hierarchy for your workflow and even show publishes in other projects, so you can add files to your scene from across the studio. As always, source for the Loader and all of the Shotgun Pipeline Toolkit code is available on GitHub.

And this is just the beginning.

We’ve been taking stock across the Shotgun community, identifying the tools we see studios building over and over to enable basic functions -- the tools you have to develop in the blink of an eye to get up and running as soon as a project is greenlit. We’ve dedicated a development team to productizing these applications (a Publisher is next) working closely with the Shotgun community to co-design and production-prove them so you know they’re solid. Our goal is to productize comprehensive, fully-developed general-use pipeline tools for the industry, so studios can focus their development on integration and innovation that truly differentiates them.

Shotgun Loader 2.0 is available now. Check out the Release Notes for more info.

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