Introducing Shotgun 8 - Dedicated to Artists

Dec 4, 2018




Artists - we're dedicating this one to you! With Shotgun 8, we’re embarking on a mission to rebuild the artist experience from the ground-up. This marks our first step towards a whole new generation of tools designed and built specifically for the needs of artists.


In a world of growing production demands and endlessly shifting creative decisions, managing workload, keeping track of which tasks are most pressing, and planning for work coming down the pipe can quickly become a juggling act. Shotgun 8 aims to improve the artist experience with updates that reduce interruptions to creative flow and facilitate a rich feedback loop with reviewers.



Available for the first time in Shotgun 8, Shotgun Create combines many of the review tools studios love in Shotgun – including the ability to view high-res media in RV, browse the latest shots in the Media App, and give clear feedback – into a single cloud-connected desktop experience for artists. The first version of Shotgun Create makes it easier for artists and reviewers to see exactly which tasks demand their attention while providing a collaborative environment to review media and exchange feedback.


Here's an overview of what you'll find in the first version of Shotgun Create: 




High-Quality Media Playback and Annotation

Based on Flame and RV technology, Shotgun Create can play both local and remotely-stored videos and image sequences. Built-in annotation tools allow for precise, visual feedback on individual frames, which can then be played back in context.


Streamlined Task Views for Artists and Reviewers

The My Tasks view makes it easier for artists to quickly see tasks that are due soon, coming up, and recently completed, all in one place.



The My Reviews view presents a convenient inbox for reviewers to see which reviews need immediate attention, to unblock artists waiting on feedback.



Both views are updated automatically, so artists and reviewers know immediately when a task has been submitted back to them.


A Complete View of Task History

A single pane collects all of the versions and notes tied to a task, making it easy to refer back to earlier versions, see reference artwork, and view the entire conversation around the task in context. This unified view presents all relevant feedback in one place, making it unmissable and reducing the risk of miscommunication and spending valuable creative time searching for notes.



Simplified Admin

With Shotgun Create, there’s no need to set up and update individual artist pages. A new status groups feature allows you to group statuses from an artist perspective as either Upcoming, Active, or Done. Then, as task statuses change, Shotgun Create automatically displays tasks with the appropriate prioritization for artists. A new Reviewer field for each task makes it possible to automatically notify reviewers when a new version is submitted.



Creative Tool Integrations

From Shotgun Create, artists can select any task in their queue and launch directly into their creative tool, opening the necessary work files and displaying the information they need to get the job done. When they’re ready to share a new version with a reviewer, they can simply load it back into Shotgun Create and submit it for review from there.


This is only the beginning. You can expect a lot more to come over the next few months, and we want you to help us get there! We invite you to try Shotgun Create today and share your feedback with us, so we can build something that truly suits your needs. 



We’ve also made some changes to the way Shotgun looks to improve clarity and consistency, and better promote the information you care about. We’ve made a conscious effort to keep things in the same place, so it stays familiar, instead focusing on color, typography, and icons. And, for those of you who work predominantly in a dark environment or need to transition between light and dark settings often, you can now switch themes easily, with a new button right in the header.





For more information on this update, read the Shotgun 8 release notes

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