Introducing Shotgun 7.8

Mar 27, 2018




Hot on the heels of Shotgun 7.7, our latest updates in Shotgun 7.8 introduce a number of features requested by you - the community! Several of these updates are in beta, so test them out and share your feedback with us. These tools are built for you - we want them to fit the way you work and remove friction from your day-to-day. Read on to learn what's new.



A new “calculated” field type now in public beta allows you to quickly add, subtract, multiply, and divide values or do simple string functions such as concatenate, uppercase, and lowercase. For example, you may want to use the “Cut In” and “Cut Out” times for shots to calculate cut lengths.



If either of the values (“Cut In” or “Cut Out”) change, the corresponding calculated field will automatically update as well, so you don’t have to worry about spending time on manual updates.



You can also group, sort, and filter on a calculated field, as well as use them in graphs.






This release brings the new language support options introduced in Shotgun 7.7 into public beta. Big thanks to everyone who participated in the private beta!


We know that managing a big project with lots of moving pieces – tens to hundreds of artists, shots, and assets – is a huge task on its own, let alone in another language. You now have the option to set your language preference right in Shotgun to either English, Japanese, or Simplifed Chinese.




A new REST-based API opens the door to a whole new world of programming languages. For the first time, developers will be able to use any programming language they want to talk to Shotgun, allowing integration from almost any type of environment. In addition to Python, you will be able to connect to Shotgun from C#, Lua, JavaScript and other languages, enabling deep integration into your workflows.


This update is in beta testing. For more information on how to join the beta, please contact





We’re commited to ensuring you have the most secure and reliable experience with Shotgun at your studio, which is why we continue to add new security features in each and every release of Shotgun. Here’s what’s new in Shotgun 7.8:


Virus Scanning

A new malware scanning service ensures that any attachments to versions or direct file uploads are clean and free of unwanted intruders. To protect your systems, the files are inaccessible until the scanning is complete. In the event an infection is detected, the file remains inaccessible to all users, and an infected-file thumbnail is displayed in the UI. This scanning service is also triggered when using the API.


This update is in beta testing. For more information on how to join the beta, please contact


Single Sign-On

For those on Super Awesome support, Single Sign-On (SSO) is now available for clients using Ping Identity, OneLogin, ADFS, and Azure ADFS. With SSO, you can centrally control access to applications and services. And, as a user, you no longer need to worry about logging into each service.





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