Introducing Shotgun 7.2!

May 31, 2017



At Shotgun, we’re committed to making media collaboration easier, faster, and more secure for studios of all sizes. Today, we’re excited to announce new features that do just that. From truly out-of-the-box integrations that accelerate artist workflows to RV updates that make reviewing media from the cloud simple and seamless, our latest updates are all about making Shotgun more accessible and intuitive for everyone at the studio.

What’s New?  
We’ve packed a lot into this update. Here’s a quick overview of what’s new:

Plug-and-play integrations make it easier to connect the creative tools you use every day with Shotgun. These integrations first auto-discover Maya, Nuke, Photoshop, Houdini, and 3ds Max, and then embed the Shotgun Panel, loader, and publisher directly within them without requiring any manual configuration.

A new Publisher enables easy tracking of files in Shotgun and can either run in content creation tools supported by Shotgun, or as a standalone application – giving you the flexibility to publish files from any of the creative tools your artists use.

Single sign-on, now available for all Shotgun sites with “Super Awesome” support, centralizes authentication, making it easy for your IT department to grant, limit, and revoke access and permissions. Plus, everyone at the studio now has the convenience of only having to remember one set of credentials.

Web streaming in RV makes it possible to review work from Shotgun on the web without having to worry about whether or not the high-res media is available locally. Shotgun now recognizes when media isn’t available and seamlessly pulls it into RV from Shotgun on the web.

SDI functionality, previously only included with “Super Awesome” support, is now available to all Shotgun clients. RV supports output through SDI hardware from AJA and Blackmagic, enabling you to connect RV to digital cinema projectors, broadcast monitors, and other SDI- or HDMI-based viewing devices for high quality dailies and media review.

Improved markdown support makes it easier to compose notes and tickets with simple in-line editing options like italic or bold text styling, as well as advanced elements like image embedding, lists, tables, and checkboxes.

For more information on these updates, check out the Release Notes. You can also read more on getting started with plug-and-play integrations as well as setting up single sign-on on our support site.

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