Introducing Shotgun 7.12!

Oct 9, 2018




Shotgun 7.12 introduces powerful new graph tools to help you work faster and more predictably. This release also adds updates to calculated fields and rolls out multiple language support to everyone. 



It is now possible to create time series, status history, and burndown charts with Shotgun Production Insights, making it easier to see how projects are progressing and the remaining tasks and resources required to meet deadlines.


Time Series

Use time series graphs to display tasks, time logged, or any other key data over time. Simply use the Timeline sorting mode to graph based on any date or time field. This graph type is useful for quickly comparing data such as tasks due and time logged per week, as shown in the example below. 



Status History

A status history graph widget gives you the ability to graph status changes and see progress over time. Shotgun sites collect data every time someone updates a status (Shotgun has been collecting status changes since Shotgun 7.10, so you will have access to historical data from Shotgun 7.10 onward). Depending on the volume of the data being graphed, status changes are automatically displayed on either an hourly, daily, or weekly basis, ensuring the data is always easy to digest.



Burndown Charts

Burndown charts display how much work is left to do over a period of time. This graph type is useful for scheduling as it makes it easy to see how many tasks are left for artists to work on. A dotted goal line can also be switched on to show your target goal. In the example below, a burndown chart shows tasks that must still be completed over the course of a project, based on key project phases such as "Waiting to Start", "Ready to Start", and "In Progress". 



Learn more about creating time series, status history, and burndown charts.



Using calculated fields, you can now convert numbers to durations (weeks, days, hours, and minutes), and apply simple arithmetic functions, such as adding, subtracting, multiplying, or dividing, to them.



Multiple language support is now out of beta and available to everyone. Site admins can now set language preference for Shotgun to English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, and Korean.





For more information on this update, read the Shotgun 7.12 release notes

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