How to "Fix It in Prep"

Mar 4, 2020



Ready Player One Aaron Sims Creative
Image courtesty of Aaron Sims Creative

Why wait to “Fix It in Post” when you can take advantage of the latest real-time VFX technologies and get a head start to “Fix It in Prep”? From a monstrous Demogorgon, to virtual sets from a galaxy far, far away, learn from VFX industry veteran and Executive Producer Michael Pecchia how Aaron Sims Creative (ASC) is revamping traditional concept design and VFX and saving studios time, money, and resources by implementing a Fix It in Prep workflow.

Aaron Sims Creative is a design-heavy VFX house with roots in pencil-to-paper. Its founder, Aaron Sims, was one of the pioneers in the digital realm who broke ground on new CG design techniques through working with Softimage. In his first collaboration with Steven Spielberg on A.I. Artificial Intelligence, Sims used Softimage to design the characters and display how their actions would appear in different environments prior to filming. This helped establish the blueprint in the early 2000s for what ASC now calls the Fix It in Prep model. 

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