NEW Series: Getting Started with Film + Animation

Dec 18, 2019



Shotgun How-to Series, Film and Animation
As you know, Shotgun is a secure, powerful data management platform that enables studios to work faster, better, and more efficiently. Trusted by thousands of creatives worldwide, Shotgun is a central hub that unifies production management, the creative process, and pipelines. Of course, letting go of a manual process (spreadsheets, sticky notes, and Google docs and folders) to embrace an unfamiliar method may be tricky at first. Fear not, we're here to help with a new how-to series: 

In this guide, we’ll be prioritizing animation, VFX, and sequence-based work within a project called "Drednots" and we’ll cover these main areas:

- Introduction to Shotgun for Film and Animation
- New Site Demo Project Tour
- Getting Your Project Started
- Navigating Shotgun as a Producer and Manager
- Customizing Pages and Views
- Collaborating with your team as a Producer and Manager
- What's Next?

Food for Thought
As you start learning how to use Shotgun, keep these questions in mind:
How does our project start?
What is our workflow?
How does the data/information come in?
Who are the key players?
How will it deliver?

Prefer to watch a video series instead of written guide? If so, check out our Getting Started with Film & Animation Series here.