From Zero to Review in Under Five Minutes

May 21, 2014



I’ve heard from many of our clients that Shotgun Media and the Client Review Site have made getting work into Shotgun and reviewing with their clients faster than ever before...but just how quickly can you go from nothing to sending work for review with Shotgun? About five minutes. Here’s how.

First things first - you’ll need to create a project. If you’re brand new to Shotgun, start from the Welcome to Shotgun page by clicking on Create a Project and entering a name.

Big Buck Bunny - footage courtesy of (CC) Blender Foundation |

Next, navigate to the Media page and upload your work by drag-and-dropping files directly onto the browser. Once you drop your files onto the browser, they’re uploaded to Shotgun and a record is created for tracking all the important info about your media. While the files upload and web-playable media is generated, add them to the playlist and get ready to share.

The Client Review Site Preview Mode let’s you see exactly what your client will see. After you’ve made sure everything looks good, you can share to your client with a couple clicks. When you see the confirmation message, you’re done.

Total time from zilch to clients reviewing your work? Less than five minutes.