Flame Integration Preview at IBC

Sep 12, 2014



We’re proud to announce a new integration that’s come together quickly through collaboration with our new Autodesk family - Flame! Using expanded options provided by the Autodesk team, we’re now able to tie into Flame like never before, which allows us to start building features that help unite Flame artists with the rest of the team. Flame/Shotgun integration will be previewed at IBC and supported in the Flame 2015 Extension 2 release later this year.

For the initial integration, we focused on enabling Flame artists to quickly and easily share work with Supervisors, Producers, Clients, and other Artists on the team. Here are the feature highlights:

Publish Conformed Sequences from Flame to Shotgun
Flame artists can export a sequence from the timeline as individual shot media in the filesystem and register it in Shotgun for other artists on the team to use as elements, eliminating the need to search around for content.

Review and Approval
Flame artists can also export a sequence from the timeline as review media and send it directly to Shotgun’s review and approval tools, both in the web and mobile with the iPhone Review app. Media can also then be shared with clients through Shotgun’s client review site.

Shot Versioning in Flame
The sequence publish feature will also prepare Flame to receive updates from the pipeline and this will be an area we look to expand post-release as we start to tie in the other applications and workflows we support.

Come see the Flame/Shotgun integration at IBC first-hand in the Autodesk booth (Hall 7, Stand D25) or check out: http://area.autodesk.com/ibc2014. Tommy Kiser is our man on the floor to talk all things Shotgun.

Last but not least, if you’re interested in talking Flame integration, please reach out via toolkitsupport@shotgunsoftware.com! I’d love to talk to you about what’s in our initial release and what the future feature set should look like.