Webinar: The Future of Media Creation

Jan 21, 2020



Webinar: Thursday, January 30, 2:00pm ET
What will media creation look like in 2030? Under constant pressure to improve quality and increase cadence, today’s studios are challenged by even tighter budgets and shorter timelines. As a result, the complexity of modern production multiplies with every new project. As studios continue to realize new creative visions, reduce costs, and increase output for viewers, we foresee major technological advances across the industry.

In an effort to get to in front of it all for our friends in the film, TV, and games industries, Shotgun's Co-founder and General Manager Don Parker and MovieLabs's Mark Turner will discuss the future of media creation in an upcoming webinar. They will be discussing the 10 guiding principles identified by MovieLabs in partnership with Sony Pictures, Disney, and Warner Brothers as elements critical to the 2030 landscape, providing a 10-year vision for the future of media production.  

At this can't miss webiner, attendees will learn: 
- 10 guiding principles that will drive the next decade of innovation in media creation.
- Upcoming trends and challenges in media production and what studios should prepare for. 
- The changes in philosophy and technology that will support—and sustain—these advances. 

This webinar is a rare opportunity to hear big picture survival strategies from two industry veterans.

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