DigiPro 2018: Cloud-based Pipeline Distribution for Effective and Secure Remote Workflows

Sep 25, 2018



At this year's DigiPro conference, Toolkit experts Manne Ohrstrom and Josh Tomlinson teamed up with Rudy Cortes and Satish Goda from Pearl Studio to present a joint paper on secure, cloud-based pipeline distribution for just-in-time artist workflows built on the Shotgun Toolkit platform.


In this video recording, Manne and Josh take us through the presentation, covering the original motivations behind the work, challenges faced, and lessons learned as the technology came to unlock new patterns for managing where and how artists contribute in production. A case study of the technology's use by Pearl Studio is also featured, illustrating a real-world example of how studios can use the system to connect distributed teams and meet a variety of technological and business goals.



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