Countdown to Autodesk University

Nov 4, 2020



It's almost time for Autodesk University! This year, the AU experience comes to you as a global digital event November 17-20. There’s no cost to attend but you do have to register!

What exactly is Autodesk University?

AU 2020 is the conference for entertainment and visualization professionals to build new skills, learn new trends, and get inspired by new possibilities. 

Check out all event details here, and remember to register.

Shotgun at AU 2020

There will be several Shotgun sessions throughout the week—including customer use cases, industry talks, and product overviews.

Automated Resource Leveling and Scheduling at LAIKA

Learn how LAIKA has used Shotgun, Consilium, and custom browser apps to enable automated resource leveling and scheduling. More details here.

Workflows for Virtual Production with Remote Teams

Create new workflows to execute complex virtual productions with remote teams using virtual digital environments. More details here.

Shotgun in the Real World: Magnopus

Set the stage for what Shotgun is, why it was created, what it has become today and where it is used. Introduce Wet Design and go through their pipeline. More details here.

Transitioning from Service Provider and Artist to Content Producer and Creator

Build a content creation strategy, or transition from artist to creator, join the content boom set for the post-covid entertainment industry. More details here.

The swift turn the world made us take

Case studies and technology demos, web tours, Real time experiences, Video walls, Virtual Sales centers, immersive Real time interactives. More details here.

Advanced Automotive Workflows with Shotgun

This content will be shared as slides, images, videos, and reference material. They may include some live aspect.

More details here.

All You Ever Wanted to Know About Convergence—and Why You Should Care

Learn how to take advantage of the convergence trend that is re-shaping technology and business, and ultimately, our ways of working. More details here.

Check out and register to attend any of the above Shotgun sessions and more here.

We look forward to connecting with you!