Congrats to Shotgun's 4 New Pipeline Award Winners!

Aug 16, 2018




Yesterday at SIGGRAPH, the pipeline community joined us as we announced the winners of the 5th Annual Pipeline Awards. This year’s four winners highlight the best pipeline innovation around the world, with teams from the UK, Australia, South Korea, and the Netherlands all showing their workflow ingenuity.



We are always amazed by the submissions we receive and this year was certainly no exception!


Now without further delay, here are our 2018 Pipeline Award recipients: 


TURRET | UTS Animal Logic Acadamy

UTS Animal Logic Academy took home the coveted Shotty Award for Turret, a tool which connects Shotgun and Pixar’s USD to create a light-weight file resolver architecture that works across a range of content creation software. It has been the cornerstone of the studio’s USD-based scene descriptor system plugin and has transformed the overall workflow to push the latest data automatically rather than requiring artists to pull data as needed.



By assembling their scenes using Pixar USD and using Shotgun to handle file abstraction and versioning, this educational facility has combined learning about cutting-edge pipeline technology with building a system that allows them to rapidly author content and track it in Shotgun.



Daniel Flood, Technical Lead and Diego Garcia Huerta, Pipeline Consultant accepted this award on behalf of their team which includes Ben Skinner and Wen Tan who are students at Animal Logic Academy. 


LAEL | 4th Creative Party

Eden SeongGyeong An, a compositing TD at 4th Creative Party blew us away with his tool, LAEL, a dashboard that allows artists, production teams, TDs, and support staff to manage data associated with the projects they are working on. It provides artists an in-context view into the work that’s assigned to them, as well as easy access to associated files and metadata they need to do their job well.



Production and support teams have access to a rich set of functionality that provides a simple, robust way to manage file ingestion and client deliveries. Now, TDs have everything they need to manage the structure of a project on disk at their fingertips, making LAEL a Shotty Award winner!



SHOTGUN SLATE | Zoho Studios

Created by Technical Director Paul Boots, Shotgun Slate operates as a digital slate by recording on-set data during shoots and pulling shot data from Shotgun to efficiently fill out the slate with key information like camera type, lens, and focal length. 



The slate itself runs on an iPad and is captured for each plate shot, and then stored within Shotgun. Shotgun Slate offers an effective way to manage many plates, significantly speeding up the process on set.


TERRITORY TOOLKIT | Territory Studio

Territory Toolkit is a suite of plugins for Adobe Creative Suite and Cinema 4D, giving Territory’s motion graphics artists a Shotgun-based structure and level of control directly within their chosen application.   



While VFX applications like Maya and Nuke are already supported by Shotgun, this proprietary tool bridges the gap between Territory’s VFX and motion graphics teams, allowing for a smooth transition between all DCC apps the studio uses and eliminating problematic and time-consuming manual data-entry tasks.



Territory Studio's Creative Director Marti Romances was present to accept the award on behalf of lead designer, Matt Brealey and his team. 



Thank you to everyone who took the time to contribute to yet another amazing pool of submissions and congratulations to all the winners!