Call for Footage!

May 13, 2015



Our client community is what makes Shotgun, Shotgun. Our tools are successful only as much as they take roadblocks out of your way so you can get on with creating. When we have an opportunity to showcase Shotgun (at events like Siggraph), along with our technology, it’s important to us to showcase the great work you create when you use them. We’re getting ready to cut our Siggraph client reel and would love to include your work. Would you consider sending us some footage to include by June 5th?

How we’ll use it:

We will show the Shotgun client reel at Siggraph 2015 in Los Angeles, running it in our booth (#317) between Tuesday, August 11 and Thursday, August 14, 2015. We will also use the Shotgun reel in our marketing after Siggraph.

Type of material:

We’re looking for finished clips and/or making-of clips from feature films & shorts (live action and/or animated), TV shows, games, commercials, trailers -- whatever you’ve created that utilized Shotgun in some way.

How it will be credited:

If you’d like to put your logo bug on footage you submit, please feel free, and we’ll include your clip with your bug. Many clips will appear without logo bugs. We will credit all work featured in the reel by including a simple credit list of company names at the end of the piece.


Please send us ProRes HQ QuickTime movies if possible.

Submission channels:

-Please send your footage on a drive to ℅ Rachel Knight, Shotgun Software, 210 Main St., Venice, CA, 90291, USA, (we will return it!) or

-Upload your footage to a dropbox folder. Please email for uploading info.

Thank you for considering it! We know this is extra work for you and appreciate VERY MUCH anything you can share. We’d love to showcase your work at Siggraph!

The Shotgunners