Available Now: Shotgun 6.3!

Oct 26, 2015



We’re excited to officially release Shotgun 6.3 - now available to all Shotgun subscribers. This release is jam-packed with new features and updates to the Media App, Client Review Site, and Screening Room for RV Submit Tool making it even easier for entire teams to review, share, and provide feedback on creative projects. Here’s what’s included with the 6.3 release:

Media App Enhancements

Shotgun's Media App helps simplify the way artists and supervisors create, search, browse and review media on a project. But, we didn't want to stop there, so we’ve added new features and updates making it better than ever. Here’s what’s new:

The Media App has gone global allowing users to easily access and manage media across all of their studio’s projects from one, easy-to-access location in Shotgun. We're also obsessed over performance and the new Global Media App runs 2x faster than the previous Media App.

Browse your media by your project's hierarchy, so artists, supervisors, and managers can quickly find the media they need within their projects. For example, quickly filter by sequence>shots on film projects or episode>shot on episodic TV projects.

An All Playlists view helps users easily find and see all the playlists on their Shotgun site or drill down to playlists on a specific project.

Media Launching Preferences let users customize exactly how their media is launched from the Media App; turning the Media App into a super-powered springboard to your media, whether it's in the cloud or stored locally.

We've also made it easier to share a specific version or playlist with your colleagues with the addition of Version/Playlist Sharing. Quickly copy a link to what you want to share and then email or IM it for immediate review.

Client Review Site

The Client Review Site allows Shotgun users to present work to their clients in a brand-able, simple, secure website. And, with Shotgun 6.3, we’re introducing a round of highly anticipated updates based on feedback from the community, including:

- The ability to add attachments to notes and replies

- Shotgun users can now reply to Client Notes from anywhere within Shotgun and send notifications back to the client with ease

- Configurable sharing security settings let you control whether a password is required to access your work. This one's for our commercials clients out there who sometimes favor speed above all else

- Time-saving features remember who you share work with most commonly and make it simple to re-share with those people without the overhead of managing groups

- Improved email notifications let you and your clients know the second feedback is made or new work is added to a playlist

- A revamped Manage Share menu puts you in control of who has access to your shared work

SR for RV Submit Tool: My Tasks View and Notify

The release of SG+RV 6.0 has opened up a new world of possibilities to explore. To get things started, we're making it easier for artists to submit their work with the addition of a My Tasks view in the Screening Room for RV Submit Tool. They can even Notify others about their new work via the Shotgun Inbox in just one click.

Read the full Shotgun 6.3 release notes here.