Available Now - Shotgun 6.1

Jul 16, 2015



Shotgun is committed to protecting our clients’ sites, accounts, and above all else, content. With an eye toward the future, Shotgun 6.1 is a maintenance-focused release that helps lay the groundwork for larger, more prominent security features.

As part of this, a few smaller security details needed to be addressed, and this also provided an opportunity for us to improve the workflow for creating new Users and managing access in Shotgun. In addition, we started work on the first of these new security features - two-factor authentication, which is in beta now.

New for Everyone

Here's a quick run-through of what's new in Shotgun 6.1:

New Login Screen - This is the first thing you'll notice, so it's the lead item here. We've reworked the look and feel of our login screen (it's bluer!) and we hope you like it!

Forgot Login or Password? - Have you ever forgotten your password or had someone in your studio forget his/her password? We've all been there. With Shotgun 6.1, Users can reset this themselves, meaning Admins no longer need to do it for them.

Welcome Emails - Keeping with the security theme, Shotgun no longer emails temporary passwords as text. Instead, when new Users are created, they will receive an email from the site with a link. Clicking the link will then guide the User through creating a password to gain entry to the site.

Read the full Shotgun 6.1 release notes here.

Two-Factor Authentication

As mentioned above, our two-factor authentication support is now in beta. We feel strongly that finding the right balance between enabling the additional security, providing the right level of control for Admins, and ensuring a comfortable experience for Users is critical to this feature, and we have a bit of work to do still. In the meantime, we'd love to talk about how two-factor authentication should work in Shotgun to meet your needs. There's a shotgun-dev list thread to catch up on what other clients are saying, and if you’re interested in trying it out on your site, please get in touch via support@shotgunsoftware.com.