Athera Live Webinar

Nov 20, 2018




Date: Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Time: 10am PT


This month, Shotgun Product Manager Rob Blau will guest appear in Foundry's monthly Athera Live webinar to talk about the upcoming integration with Shotgun.


Hosted by Senior Product Manager at Foundry Mathieu Mazerolle, the pair will dig into:

  • How to work on Athera with access to Shotgun
  • How using Shotgun on Athera makes workflow easier, faster, and more cost-effective
  • Customizing Athera and Shotgun to suit your asset management needs


The session will wrap with a Q&A, where you can ask your questions about using Shotgun and Athera together. 







About Matt Mazerolle

Mathieu's passion is technology in all forms - from film to games to the cloud. He programmed his first video game at 7 years old and has been instrumental in the development of Athera, Foundry's cloud-based service for post-production.


About Rob Blau

Rob has been supervising teams building pixel producing pipelines since 2002, first at Dreamworks Animation, then at LAIKA, and then finally at Shotgun Software and Autodesk. He is fascinated by the collaboration and workflow problems that pipelines need to solve and is lucky enough to be project manager for a product that addresses those problems for companies around the world.




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