Architectural Visualization

Oct 1, 2020



Neoscape Neoscape has perfected the art of envisioning worlds that don’t yet exist, from futuristic skyscrapers to picturesque landscapes. Spread across the globe, its team thrives on problem-solving and taking chances on cool ideas – a strategy that has paid off in spades, with its work capturing the attention of prominent architects, real estate firms and brands. Though Neoscape’s roots lie in architectural visualization, the creative studio has evolved into a full-service marketing agency over the last 25 years, fusing arch viz and design savvy with modern visual effects (VFX) techniques to create compelling brand campaigns, public installations and other media. With a steady project flow, Neoscape’s team depends on a robust technology infrastructure built on Autodesk 3ds Max and Shotgun Software to manage and deliver a range of client projects.

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