Announcing the Tank v0.13 Release

May 3, 2013



Tank was born out of a desire to make it fast and easy to build and manage pipelines. With the release of v0.13, we've added some big new features as we continue to drive forward toward that goal. Tank’s latest core update makes configuration more flexible while also simplifying the setup for customizing a specific project's workflow. But it doesn’t stop there! It’s also worth highlighting a few other features that further add to Tank & Shotgun’s versatility:
  • Pipeline Configurations are introduced, which define both the configuration and location on disk for each project. 
  • The Pipeline Configurations allow admins to safely develop, test, and roll out new configuration updates to Production. 
  • Pipeline Configurations are also an entity in Shotgun, making it easier to manage configurations within a project. 
  • A Tank command is introduced for use in the shell, which can, among other things, launch applications, publish work, etc. 
  • Apps with Qt UIs can be called from within the shell engine. 
  • Tank's "multi" apps can now be used inside Shotgun. 
One additional feature in v0.13 that deserves its own mention is the ability to run Tank actions using Shotgun’s Browser Plugin! Up until now, the Tank actions have relied on the Java applet, but the new core release will first check to see if you have the Browser Plugin installed and use it, falling back to Java only if it can’t be found. This is a great milestone for us, as we move towards a Java-free world.

If you’re interested to see Pipeline Configurations in action or want to take a closer look at some of the other features we’ve added recently then grab a cup of tea and watch our April webinar. If you’re already a Tank user and want to learn more about how to smoothly migrate to v0.13 or you just want to learn more about Tank, what the team is thinking about and what the community is saying then take a look through our Blog and Community website.


Tank Team