Announcing Shotgun Media & Client Site

Dec 4, 2013



We're excited to announce Shotgun 5.2, including the Media App, a brand new way to upload, organize, review, and share media in your projects.



From the early stages of production to final delivery, the Shotgun Media App provides an integrated media library that promotes collaboration across the studio regardless of location.

    Drag and drop one or more files into the browser to immediately upload them to the project. 
    Automatic transcoding of all media and thumbnails for playback in the browser.
    Non-blocking uploads allow you to keep working while files are being sent to your site.
    Leverage Shotgun’s advanced permission controls to define who can access media.
    Fast playlist creation, with drag and drop editing tools.
    Share playlists with anyone on the project to get them directly to a specific collection of media.
    Quickly see new media you have not yet viewed to catch up on the latest work.
    Simple searching and advanced filtering makes it quick to find the media you are looking for.
    Favorite your most important playlists so they're only a click away.
    complete rebuild of the grid focused entirely on speed and usability.
    New darker UI that presents your work in the best possible light.

Client Review Site Coming This February

Designed in tandem with 5.2, Shotgun 5.3 features one-click sharing of playlists to your clients outside of the studio on their desktop or mobile device via a secure Client Review Site. And since the Client Review Site is integrated with your site, there’s no need to transfer media anywhere else and feedback is seamlessly tracked and recorded in Shotgun.