Announcing Shotgun 6.3 & New Toolkit Features- Get a Sneak Peek at SIGGRAPH

Aug 11, 2015



We're here at SIGGRAPH today and excited to give folks a sneak peek of Shotgun 6.3 and new Toolkit features. We'll be showing what's new all week at our booth #317, so if you’re here, come by and see it in action!

Shotgun 6.3 includes updates to the media app and client review site and Shotgun’s Toolkit introduces a new Shotgun Panel and refreshed Workfiles App- making it easier than ever for teams to review, share and provide feedback on creative projects.

Toolkit features will be available to all users next month. We’ll be starting an early adopters/beta release for Shotgun 6.3 in September with the public release coming this Fall. All Shotgun subscribers are welcome to participate, so if you’re interested, drop us a line at

What’s New in Shotgun 6.3 

Media App Enhancements— We’re promoting the media app by connecting it to all your projects and making it easier to browse your media by the things you track. New views will help you find playlists faster and launch media just the way you want, and catch up on all work across your studio and from multiple locations- in a single place.

Client Review Site Updates— Studios and clients can now add attachments and replies to notes, have the option to quickly and safely share playlists with or without passwords, and stay updated on when feedback is made or new work is added to a playlist with improved email notifications. 

What’s New in Toolkit 

Shotgun Panel —Artists can now have a simple mini-Shotgun UI right inside their most commonly used applications like Maya and Nuke, giving them quick access to important information and utilities, and the ability to communicate with other artists on your team without having to go out to a web browser. The panel can also be integrated directly into your pipeline, and is customizable to support each studio’s specific workflow.
Toolkit Workfiles Refresh — Artists can browse, load and save files even faster with quick navigation for finding files and getting them loaded. They also now have the ability to write custom actions to manage files any way they want.