All of Shotgun, plus RV, now for $30

Mar 2, 2015



We’re on a mission here to provide world-class pipeline tools to everyone on any production team, anywhere in the world. With that in mind I’m happy to share two great announcements.

RV will be included in Shotgun

Because a really effective review workflow is critical to getting in more iterations, we’re going to provide the RV native image and movie player to all clients this April as part of the Shotgun subscription. (We’ll release a new version of RV that works with Shotgun out of the box.) We decided not to ask studios to pay more for essential review tools that you need to be successful. In fact, that leads to our second announcement.

Shotgun is now $30

We’ve decided to adjust our pricing to make sure every studio can provide our tools to everyone on their teams. For $30/user/month, you now get all of Shotgun – production tracking, asset management, and review tools, and our “Awesome” support package. In April RV will be included. Shotgun with our “Super Awesome” support package is now $50, and in April will include RV + RVSDI for screening rooms.

As I mentioned when we brought RV into the Shotgun family just last month, while we are bringing RV native tools into Shotgun in an attempt to blow your minds, you don’t have to use Shotgun to get RV. We’ll continue to develop RV as a standalone tool with all the power and flexibility you’ve grown to love.

As always, we are dedicated to delivering the tools you deserve in production at the right price. We appreciate the close collaboration and support of the Shotgun and RV communities and look forward to working with you all this year.

Don and the Shotgunners