30 Tips in 30 Days- We're Halfway There!

Jan 25, 2016



Today marks the halfway point for our 30 Tips in 30 Days series. We hope you've enjoyed the tips we've shared so far and we're excited to bring you 15 more!

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If you missed any of the first 15 tips, be sure to check them out below:

Tip 1: Home Page

Tip 2: Setting Permissions

Tip 3: Following

Tip 4: Email Notifications

Tip 5: Power Editing

Tip 6: Gantt Overlays

Tip 7: Keep It Simple

Tip 8: Custom Tabs

Tip 9: HKS Playback in Overlay Player

Tip 10: Zoom & Pan Tools in Overlay Player

Tip 11:Annotation Tools in Overlay Player

Tip 12: Filters

Tip 13: Filter Panel

Tip 14: Create Form Options

Tip 15: HKS Global Navigation Bar